In Cahoots might be Seattle's last rock band! This female-fronted quartet sings sweet and sour power-rock that will stick in your head. You might have seen us before, having played over 100 National shows in the last three years — but you haven't heard our new stuff, so come out and see us! We are playing Panic Attacks, Boxed Wine Country and many songs from our next to albums, Dogland and Cloudier. As we like to say..."guaranteed to melt your face off!"

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Front woman Christina Cramer—a former vocal coach at Seattle's Rock School—has a big, bursting rock voice that's more Carrie Akre than Courtney Love, but the six songs on In Cahoots' latest LP play like a mix of both put together: part indie, part radio rock...— Dave Lake/Seattle Weekly

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In Cahoots: Panic Attacks

In Cahoots: Boxed Wine Country - EP
I have literally been listening to In Cahoots on repeat for the past day and a half. In Cahoots has an elegant blend of some of my favorite things. For starters, the harmony in their songs in incredibly unique. It's not your typical harmony — it's better. The notes they choose to blend aren't typical and for whatever reason sounds so incredible to me. I've never quite heard a band sound like that before... — marsbands.com
Whether or not you've heard of the band In Cahoots before today, soon enough you will be blasting their exquisite tunes in your headphones, car speakers, and at home on your sound system. That is, if you aren't doing so already...—Alexandra Auger/ Sacramento 365

Band Bios

  • The Last Rock Band in Seattle

    The Last Rock Band in Seattle

    Sweet & Sour Power Rock!

    Finding a rock band in Seattle these days is a bit of an oddity, but one with catchy and infectious songs that stick in your head is rarer still. Seattle Washington's In Cahoots is exactly that kind of band. They will be releasing their third album, Panic Attacks on August 12th and playing their CD Release / West Coast Tour Kickoff on August 14th at Columbia City Theater. Joining them will be Sightseer and Gretta Harley's Mettle.

    This feisty quartet, is lead by guitar-wielding chanteuse Christina Crammer — a vigilant disciple of Joan Jett, Chrissie Hynde and Debbie Harry. Christina's soaring vocals have a beautiful mix of "vixen and venom" that highlight her clever songwriting skills. Both a mixture of old-school punk and classic-rock riffage — the songs setup her sing-along choruses in a powerful way.

    Songs on the self-released Panic Attacks span the history of singer Christina Cramer's songwriting career. Some like Triggerheart and Hollywood have been with her for over a decade. Finally, with this band, she's decided to unveil them to the world. Others, like the John Lennon Songwriting Contest winner, Borrowed Time, and Sweet Tooth are new gems, helped shaped by her band mates.

    The title of the album, as well as the cover art, is in reference to Cramer's history of depression and anxiety. The recording of the album was made nearly impossible due to her debilitating panic attacks. She references her battle with these demons in the song Sunbreaks. The other members of In Cahoots (Rich Huston on bass, Brad Judy on lead guitar, and Dave Crossett on drums) were instrumental in not only getting the album finished, but also helping Christina find her way out of her darkest days. The hand reaching for the "falling girl" on the cover of the record is representative of how the music, and their support saved Christina.

  • Brad Judy

    Brad Judy

    Lead Guitar / Background Vocals

    Influences: Buckethead, Dream Theatre, Primus, Van Halen, Pink Floyd


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In Cahoots is a female-fronted, sweet and sour pop-rock band that is exploding in Seattle. You might have seen us before, having played over 100 National shows in the last three years — we are a professional band capable of 3 hour sets, — power pop at its best! Or as we like to say..."guaranteed to melt your face off!" We will get back to you in two shakes of a Cahoot tail!

Tel: 206-919-5705
E-mail: book@ incahootsband.com

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When I’m looking for power pop or power rock, I want to see something big right out of the gate and I wish I could say that Seattle’s In Cahoots comes out swinging in Panic Attacks but that would be a rather large understatement. Their powerful presence in their latest release strikes like steel-toed boot wrapped in barbwire, shredding the weak and devouring pretense. — Greg, Nanobot Rock Reviews